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We print wallpapers with your photos which you can use in home and office

Environmentally friendly

We print with water-based latex inks which are odor-free and can be safely used in homes, kindergartens, schools, hospitals and other places indoors. Wallpapers are made with high-quality materials and colors which can last up to 20 years without direct sunlight.

Design yourself or let us do it

With our help, you can get your own pattern or photo straight onto wallpaper to decorate your home and office.
You can design the wallpaper yourself or send us your wishes and we do it for you.
We offer wallpapers with PVC-free glue (for a smooth surface) and also structural and textile wallpapers which can be placed on the uneven surfaces.

Installation and maintenance

It’s easy to install these wallpapers yourself (video). Wallpapers with PVC-free glue must be placed into the water before, structural and textile-back wallpapers must be installed using glue. Wallpapers can be cleaned with water and if you wish to change the wallpaper, you can easily remove it. The installation manual is added with the product.
You can design your own wall using HP WallArt program. To ensure the best quality, please send us your order with the file using the contact form and upload your photo pressing “ADD YOUR FILE” button. Make sure to add your name to the file.
- How to use the program -






PVC-free wallpaper with glue – 23 € / square meter
PVC-free wallpaper with textile – 30 € / square meter
Wall Deco textile, self-adhesive wallpaper – 24 € / square meter

If you want to use photo from paid photo bank, extra 10 euros will be added.

Wallpaper installment – 10 € / square meter.



We send finished products across the Estonia. We use Itella service for that (Delivery Info).

If you want us to send products to you, let us know using the contact form.

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